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Meir Ezra Business Coaching Ideas

Meir Ezra's latest business program, Guaranteed Prosperity, is helping clients and customers reach record results in record time. One of these clients from a retail company has reported major successes in a single day, doubling the amount of revenue and increasing productivity for her business ten-fold through the help of Guaranteed Prosperity and the compliment of their various life-changing seminars. Thanks to Meir Ezra's mentoring, as she recently reported she has been able to take charge of his business role and extend his success into all areas of her life.

This is only one example of the mission Meir Ezra's Guaranteed Prosperity has set to do: mentor companies as they quickly reach their full potential, breaking stereotypes and creating an honest, productive environment conducive to successful entrepreneurship. While working with clients, Meir Ezra assures them in a straightforward and enthusiastic manner with his holistic approach that addresses different strategies on themes like entrepreneurship, public relations, promotions, and cash flow.

What Meir Ezra has achieved in his life —from serving in the Israeli Defense Forces to creating multiple companies on different corners of the world— is what he aims to portray through Guaranteed Prosperity and each of his complimentary seminars. With three children and a beautiful wife, this is the legacy of his success: one where success is interactive, working for the future.

Megan Kiely oct 21 15, 07:20
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Meir Ezra - Benefits of payment gateway technology

A few years before for purchasing any type of commodity and material you have to go directly to the shopkeeper or the supermarket. But in the present world for purchasing any item you need not to go to the shop in person, instead you can make all necessary shopping by simply sitting in the home itself necessary you should have enough money in your bank account. Even if you are not having enough money in your saving bank account, you can use the credit card facility to purchase any type of goods.

These technological inputs came into practice recently only and the people started learning how to use this service in a very fast manner. For purchasing any types of goods by online facility having the debit card or credit card or bank account alone will not help you. Along with these services one more online portal facility is also needed for any type of online shopping like Payment gateway technology.

Yes! The payment processing technology is the main tool which makes all necessary online transactions for the concerned purchasing of goods. Not only for purchasing even for paying any bills and loans via the online service, you have to pass through the Payment gateway technology only.

Megan Kiely dec 14 15, 07:32
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Fuel dispensing system by Inventor Meir Ezra

In accordance with the present invention several interrelated communications systems are implemented together. Generally these communication systems are employed as a novel fuel dispensing and fund transfer control mechanism. The system of the present invention is intended to efficiently substitute existing POS network employing existing technology, as well as to provide other benefits, to be described below.

In a preferred embodiment of the invention, at the POS incorporating the system of the invention, three wireless communications networks are integrated, as explained schematically with reference to FIGS. 2A-2C. In FIG. 2A the first subsystem is described as a wireless bus 70 which connects to several types of devices. Fuel dispensing units 72, POS controller 74, global network 76 are a few types of devices connected to the wireless bus 70. In FIG. 2B, the same system is described as a wireless LAN (WLAN) 82 to which are linked dispensing units 72 POS controller 74, and global network 76 and other devices 78.

A fuel dispensers in the POS is directly associated with at least one transceiver, hereinafter referred to as a dispenser unit (DU). The DU communicate with two types of transponders. An active transponder, or an active vehicle tag (AVTAG), and with a nozzle transceiver (NTR) which is also an active tag.

Megan Kiely jul 14 15, 06:09
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Perfect Business Model Seminar by Meir Ezra

Do you ever feel your business has always been destined for so much more?

A large majority of businesses fail or never reach the financial success they are striving to achieve.

For example: did you know that only about 1000 companies have survived the past 150 years, yet in the same time 88 million companies went bankrupt?

Most owners start their businesses because they were very good or specialized technically on that one thing (being a dentist or accountant or manager, etc. who then opens a dentist office, etc.) - but they never learned the other components to running a company!

And so, sooner or later, they fail - and while they were operational, they earned less than if they would have worked for someone else.

You will learn that each of these areas have an exact technology one must know in order to succeed in that area.

This seminar will teach you:

• How to build such a model for your business and your life (yes, you need one for your life too).

• How to turn your staff into the ultimate producers.

• How to hire and avoid common hiring mistakes.

• What everyone in your company needs to know in order to bring results – it is not your purpose or some airy fairy thing.

• How you should spend money so as to ensure you have money at the end of the day.

• How to correct the organization and the products or services it provides.

• What is the different between new and existing clients (it is not what you think – I can guarantee that).

• What is the difference between a strategy, tactical plan, operational plan and tasks.

• And so much more…

With this model, you will build and run your business correctly and get the expected results while expanding.

Megan Kiely oct 12 15, 05:54
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Secrets to business success by Meir Ezra

There could be so many issues in our life which could be related to our personal life, business life or decision making issues etc. which can make you confuse for a while but here you will get the right path and you will get advice of right and wrong with total explanation so that you can gain the expert of guiding yourself throughout the life easily.

Life can become so easy and simple if you always choose the right path and get rid of little or big mistakes of your life. This is a kind of skill which can help you to make your life living heaven and that is what you will get from the seminar of Meir Ezra. Here you will get knowledge about the right management, decisions making strategies and business planning or managing strategies etc. which will make your personal and professional both lives pleasant! There are so many peoples who are experiencing significant change in their lives after attending the seminar so why don’t you give it a try?

Everyone deals with the problems and what is wrong in enhancement of your knowledge? If you have some issues in life related to profession or something else then the seminar of Meir Ezra is the gift for you. Attending this seminar is right decision for you and you should decide to attend it so that you can understand the privileges and wrong things of your life and business. This simple and little time consuming seminar will help you to get the absolute pleasure and happiness in your life.

Megan Kiely jan 12 16, 02:56
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Meir Ezra the coach who guarantees financial results

I recently met a gentleman named Meir Ezra. We had coffee together a couple of weeks ago when I was in Florida. He was explaining to me that he offers seminars and coaching with guaranteed results. I was pretty skeptical of this, but when he explained just one of the techniques he uses to help his clients boost their income, it made a lot of sense to me.

I am a registered investment advisor and only bill my clients for results. Instead of earning brokerage commissions or kick-backs from selling mutual funds and insurance, I only make money when my clients earn a positive return. Of course, most individual investors are in the same boat, only rewarded by growing their capital. The bottom line is the bottom line for myself and my fellow investors reading this. We need results.

What I found very interesting about one of the things Meir Ezra does at his Guaranteed Prosperity seminars is that he teaches people how to eliminate their feelings of guilt, shame and regret surrounding money. More over, he has his seminar attendees continue this process until they are making more money. This all happens in a space of a few hours or days at most.

I'm familiar with the technique Meir Ezra uses to do this and I've had so many successes doing it myself, that I highly recommend other investors and entrepreneurs check him out. To continue investing while still having feelings of guilt, shame or regret about money is an accident waiting to happen. We've all made mistakes with money, but there's no reason to allow these things to continue to have any effect.

Megan Kiely jan 6 16, 07:47
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Meir Ezra: Builds Business Profits


Learning Money and Ethics Is A Four Day Event. The First Three Days Did Not Change My Life

If you have experience training for any sporting activity, or when you scheduled to take any test in school  you know there was preparation. This event is like that.  The entire first three days is getting you ready for day 4. Those three days help you understand the true meaning if ethics, moral code, justice and more.  You will learn barriers to learning and study technology or study tech. There are many concepts you will learn that will help you—but are they “life changing”?

Of course any time we expand our knowledge our life changes. However the context of Live Changing Event is much bigger than gaining knowledge and expanding our skills. “Life Changing”  is one of those truly “WOW Moments” even with the wow word being more than overused by many at this time.

What Really Happened on Day 4 of  The Learning Ethics and Money Seminar?

Once our understanding of key principles and definitions was clear, we were ready for our assignment. After a couple hours of practice we were left to work. I still didn’t want to do this. However I made a commitment to follow the instructions.  The assignment was very clear: begin writing the overts and withhold of your life following a precise formula for presenting the detail. To make sure  there is no mistake, Meir requires each person to write one personal overt in the prescribed format and show it to him to confirm you know how to do it.  I did that and started.

What Is An Overt and Withhold?

Very simple an overt is something I did to someone else that I would not want done to me. For example I promised to deliver a report by 4 PM and didn’t do it because I was chatting on twitter.  A withhold is similar only you are withholding from someone else an event or information that because you withheld it your relationship is weaker.  For example you tell your spouse you are working late and in reality you are drinking with your friends and watching the game.  The principle is that when we are responsible for an overt or withhold we develop a pattern that justifies the action or withhold.  You will need to come to the seminar for the depth of this message and to understand the power of the O-W process.

Megan Kiely jul 10 15, 08:57
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Meir Ezra: Fuel delivery pathway control

A fuel delivery pathway control for remotely monitoring and controlling the delivery of fuel from a producer to consumers, wherein fueling vehicles transport the fuel from storage tanks at a fuel depot to fueling station storage tanks, and the fuel is then dispensed from the fueling station storage tanks to consumer vehicles, the process including the steps of:

providing the fuel depot storage tanks with wireless, electronically controlled shut-off valves that prevent fuel from being added to or removed form the storage tanks without approval;

providing the fueling vehicles with wireless, electronically controlled shut-off valves that prevent fuel from being received into or discharged from the fueling vehicles without authorization;

providing the fueling station storage tanks with one or more wireless electronically controlled shut-off valves that prevent the receipt or discharge of fuel therefrom without authorization; and

providing a wireless electronic system controller that receives information from the fuel depot, fueling vehicles, fueling stations, and commercial vehicles and generates wireless electronic instructions that authorize or withhold authorization for fuel transfer depending on the nature of the data received by the system controller in relation to authorization criteria in the controller.

Megan Kiely jul 31 15, 06:04
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How to spend money to make more money by Meir Ezra

Money spent to improve your knowledge, make you more competent or improve your skills, usually pays off from 100 to 1000 beans earned back for each bean spent. Investing in YOU pays off during your entire lifetime. Brilliant spending.

If you own a business, some employees' pay may be good Bean Theory application. They do more than expected and add to the success of the business. Good spending.

Other employees do less than the others and try to suck everyone down to their unhappy existence. They are not a good investment of beans. Bad spending.

Each part of your business can be classified as good or bad spending. For example, an auto repair shop has several departments. Its auto paint department returns five beans for every bean paid into it. But its muffler department only returns one bean for each two beans it receives. If the owners are smart, they invest more beans into the paint department which increases their beans. The muffler department must either become profitable or be shut down ASAP.

Good business spending includes training, computers, office furniture, signs, efficient work spaces and so on. Spending beans to find the best employees, train employees or pay your highest producers top wages is also good spending.

Bad business spending may include original oil paintings for your office, wild unproven marketing ideas, exotic "business" trips for you and your family, unearned bonuses to buddies, golf club memberships and so on.

The way to spend money to make money is by using the "Bean Theory."

"Finance is best understood as a COMMODITY* in terms of beans." "So many beans issued to an activity and so many more beans back."
-- L. Ron Hubbard (*Commodity: An item that is bought, sold or traded.)

Bean Theory Examples

Example #1: You buy a $2500 stereo system with a credit card. The stereo system makes you no money and loses value over time. You pay $2000 in interest over five years before you pay off the credit card debt. For 4500 beans paid out, you get no beans back and have an asset worth 1200 beans or less. Bad spending.

Example #2: You buy a small old house. You pay $25,000 as a down payment and a home loan for $75,000. You invest $25,000 in upgrades and repairs. Over three years, you pay $13,000 in interest. You then sell the house for $160,000. For 25,000 beans for the down payment, 25,000 in repairs and 13,000 beans in loan interest, you get 22,000 beans after the loan is paid off. You also lived in the house for three years which saved you 12,000 beans in rent per year. Total profit of 58,000 beans. Good spending.

Example #3: You spend $500 to learn how to create websites. You enjoy the work and create some brilliant examples. Your friends ask you to help them and through word-of-mouth, you are soon earning an extra $2000 per month. Your 500 beans return thousands of beans back to you.

Megan Kiely sep 3 15, 05:44
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More business ventures from Meir Ezra

When it comes to name a business tycoon with years of experience in a wide range of domains and a creator of a number of patents all registered in his name, no name other than Meir Ezra pops up in the mind. ‘Addicted’, the acclaimed data dictionary editor is the brainchild of Mr. Ezra. In fact, he had self-educated himself in computer programming before developing and distribution of this high successful computer application. Next to selling the rights to the software, he founded one of the most unbeaten distributors of various gasoline management systems. This company sold more than $35,000,000 with three years and grew to $100,000,000.

Mr. Meir Ezra also founded Securant, Inc. There he developed race winning FuelSafe fuel, as well as, fleet management system. The latter came up as one technologically powerful and widely recognized fleet management resources. The FuelSafe system is considered to be the only solution to out of date fueling technology. Also, this system is being distributed at an international level. He is the owner of numerous businesses with clients from all over the world, right from USA, Canada, Italy, Israel, Russia, Columbia, China, South Africa, India, Romania to the Dominican Republic, the Czech Republic and many more.

Mr. Meir Ezra is also the managing director of a software development company, TimeMaker LLC. This company develops state-of-the-art solutions for business management. The flagship product of TimeMaker LLC is a cutting edge task management and business communication computer application that includes the exceptional Organizational Resource Planning (ORP) features. The Israeli Army, Motorola are among the most prestigious clients of TimeMaker. Mr. Ezra is not only a successful entrepreneur, but also a good husband and wonderful father of three amazing kids. His interest lies in activities like kite surfing, motorcycling and karate. In short – He is an amazing human being.

Megan Kiely jan 13 16, 09:31
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