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Why Businesses Fail by Meir Ezra

They look at the statistics and they see that there is some action that they’re doing that actually improved the situation. So if the situation improved and they did some kind of action, they look and they say, “Oh! Huh! It works!”

So they just do more of that - it is the successful action.
Well, here’s the bad news… if you do the same thing, you will fail - and I’ll explain why. This is very amazing.

A statistic can behave only in six ways.

I will not go into explaining right now what are those ways, but let’s say that the statistic goes down. Let’s say, we are looking at my sales, and I see less and less and less and less. They go down, and I look, and I know that I need to do certain actions.

Let’s say I need to promote, and I promote, promote, promote, promote, and I get more sales. Now, the condition, the situation, has now changed! If I were to continue to do the same actions, while the situation changed, I will get “down” statistics back again.

It is like, let’s say, if I make $1,000 per month and that’s my income, and I do certain actions, and I work very hard, and I move from $1,000 to $10,000 per month. Big change! If I continue to behave and continue to act like a person who makes $1,000 per month, guess what? I will crash.

It’s a very, very interesting observation. You need to learn the six ways that the statistic can behave. You need to learn what the exact formulas are that you need to undertake. You need to recognize that those statistics have changed and you need to understand that you need to change your actions.

What to measure, what to do once the statistic changes, what are those six ways that the statistic can behave... This is life-saving information. This is life-saving information. If you want to succeed, you need to understand how to manage by statistics and not by opinions.

Megan Kiely aug 13 15, 07:44
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Perfect Business Model Seminar by Meir Ezra

Do you ever feel your business has always been destined for so much more?

A large majority of businesses fail or never reach the financial success they are striving to achieve.

For example: did you know that only about 1000 companies have survived the past 150 years, yet in the same time 88 million companies went bankrupt?

Most owners start their businesses because they were very good or specialized technically on that one thing (being a dentist or accountant or manager, etc. who then opens a dentist office, etc.) - but they never learned the other components to running a company!

And so, sooner or later, they fail - and while they were operational, they earned less than if they would have worked for someone else.

You will learn that each of these areas have an exact technology one must know in order to succeed in that area.

This seminar will teach you:

• How to build such a model for your business and your life (yes, you need one for your life too).

• How to turn your staff into the ultimate producers.

• How to hire and avoid common hiring mistakes.

• What everyone in your company needs to know in order to bring results – it is not your purpose or some airy fairy thing.

• How you should spend money so as to ensure you have money at the end of the day.

• How to correct the organization and the products or services it provides.

• What is the different between new and existing clients (it is not what you think – I can guarantee that).

• What is the difference between a strategy, tactical plan, operational plan and tasks.

• And so much more…

With this model, you will build and run your business correctly and get the expected results while expanding.

Megan Kiely oct 12 15, 05:54
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Meir Ezras key to your lifes success

There could be so many issues in our life which could be related to our personal life, business life or decision making issues etc. which can make you confuse for a while but here you will get the right path and you will get advice of right and wrong with total explanation so that you can gain the expert of guiding yourself throughout the life easily.

Life can become so easy and simple if you always choose the right path and get rid of little or big mistakes of your life. This is a kind of skill which can help you to make your life living heaven and that is what you will get from the seminar of Meir Ezra. Here you will get knowledge about the right management, decisions making strategies and business planning or managing strategies etc. which will make your personal and professional both lives pleasant! There are so many peoples who are experiencing significant change in their lives after attending the seminar so why don’t you give it a try?

Everyone deals with the problems and what is wrong in enhancement of your knowledge? If you have some issues in life related to profession or something else then the seminar of Meir Ezra is the gift for you. Attending this seminar is right decision for you and you should decide to attend it so that you can understand the privileges and wrong things of your life and business. This simple and little time consuming seminar will help you to get the absolute pleasure and happiness in your life.

Megan Kiely dec 3 15, 05:25
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Meir Ezra on secret of efficiency

You can increase your accomplishments and have more free time if you rid yourself of two bad habits and form one good habit.

Two Bad Habits

1. Looking at a piece of work you are supposed to do-a letter, program, interoffice communication, task assignment, request, whatever-and putting it aside to do later. You read it, digest it, think about doing it, consider the problems involved, sigh and put it down. Nothing is accomplished. A total waste of time.

2. Taking a piece of work, deciding you do not want to do it and referring it to someone else, even though it is your job to do. The other person eventually sends it back to you. A total waste of your time and their time.

One Good Habit

"Do it Now."

"One of the best ways to cut your work in half is not to do it twice."

"If you do every piece of work that comes your way WHEN it comes your way and not after a while, if you always take the initiative and take action, not refer it, you never get any traffic back. . ."

"In short, the way to get rid of traffic is to do it, not to refer it; anything referred has to be read by you again, digested again, and handled again; so never refer traffic, just do it so it's done."

"So if you are truly a lover of ease, the sort of person who yawns comfortably and wears holes in heels resting them on desks, if your true ambition is one long bout of spring fever, then you'll do as I suggest and handle everything that comes your way when it comes and not later; and you'll never refer anything to anybody that you yourself can do promptly."

The best time to get the "do-it-now" habit is (of course) RIGHT NOW!

1) Take a stack of papers or any kind of cluttered mess.

2) Read or examine the first item.

3) Deal with it.

Megan Kiely jan 22 16, 06:05
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A different slant on business and life from Meir Ezra

Do you think things through? Before you act, do you consider what will happen as a result?

For example, if you want $500, you can just work at a job. Even at $7.00 per hour, it only takes two weeks to earn $500. You can spend it however you like, no stress, no secrets, no risks.

People who commit small crimes do not think in sequence either. "If I take a few office supplies, no one will know." This person does not see the nagging feeling of guilt or the possibility of getting caught, getting fired and being labeled a criminal. This person does not realize that the risks far outweigh the tiny benefit.

Breaking agreements with your spouse, friends and family members can also have horrible consequences. For example, you agree to pick up a child at school. You decide you have just enough time to go have a beer after work and decide no one will mind if you're a bit late. You then forget about the child entirely.

1. When making a big decision, think in sequence. If you do Plan A, what are the consequences? If you do Plan B, what are those consequences?

2. Teach children how to think in sequence. "If you hit your brother, what might happen? Let's ask him." "If you don't do your homework, what will happen?" "If you steal candy from the store, what might happen? What would it be like to get caught? Let's ask the store manager what would happen."

3. Talk to criminals and potential criminals about sequences. Help them see the bigger picture. Get them to practice thinking in sequence. As crime hurts everyone directly or indirectly, we all increase our chances of success by helping criminals get smarter.

Megan Kiely feb 11 16, 03:59
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Measurement of Fuel Consumed by Inventor Meir Ezra

The consumption of fuel by vehicles is a function of several factors. Some of the important ones are: motor characteristics, gear characteristics, average velocity and velocity change frequency. Driving proficiency is a factor which may have a considerable influence on the fuel usage efficiency and can be improved by proper training. The vehicle's maintenance level also affects fuel consumption and may be improved. Fuel grade and the usage of proper fuel can also have an affect on the amount and cost of fuel consumed by a vehicle. For supervising the vehicle fuel usage efficiency, it is essential to have a constant survey of the amount of fuel consumed in respect of the distance traveled.

The measurement of fuel consumption can provide information not only with regard to technical aspects of the vehicle, usage and maintenance. It may provide information also as regards possible fraudulent activity such as unauthorized usage or fuel theft. German patent application disclosure DE19941970A1 the contents of which are incorporated herein by reference, describes a method is for recording on board a vehicle the fuel consumption and the distance traveled, thereby enabling for example, to compute the average consumption.

Megan Kiely jul 15 15, 09:15
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Meir Ezra - Ideas to improve your hiring strategy

If you do not already use a software tracking system for your recruitment system, it is time to upgrade. Spreadsheets and simplistic data management is no longer enough to manage potential employees. Like customers, recruits need full profiles that include all information available about them and their relationship with the company. These profiles need to be closely tied to the recruit’s position without the recruitment project so that all HR workers can see at a glance what stage the recruit has reached and what decisions currently need to be made regard their status. With so many hosted options available for tracking today, there is no reason not to use such a handy system.

Social media can help your recruiting efforts, but only if you are willing to properly invest enough time and resources in social networks. Closely managed your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Participate in discussions, seek out potential talent, and regularly post about important industry trends or business news. The more you become involved, the more easily you will find and connect with recruits. Again, there are plenty of software solutions and vendor platforms available to manage social media if you do not currently have enough time to invest.

Job descriptions are more of a science than an art in this digital age. You need to create a job announcement and job description that utilize several important keywords to describe the position and allow potential recruits to easily find it through their own searches. It is a good idea to create several keyword combinations before making your job description, then make the description based around these words – and any legal requirements your company may have regarding job postings. It is a good idea to keep a database of landing pages for entry-level positions so you can access and repost them whenever necessary.

Megan Kiely dec 24 15, 04:55
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Business Seminars by Meir Ezra

All our seminars are designed to complement each other and, in combination, become the PERFECT Business Model and the ULTIMATE toolbox for handling any challenge with confidence, ease and the predicted results.

The Boost Your Income seminar will get your friends to understand that there is a correct tech for success, that they can control their future and that something can be done about it.

The Extreme Coaching webinar series will introduce order to your life and business and will get you to produce results for real.

The Learning, Money and Ethics seminar will ensure you can learn anything, you are stable as a being and trust yourself and will open your money flow line – you will have money by the end of this seminar.

The Perfect Business Model seminar will ensure you KNOW where you are and where you are going. It will create for you the space from which to operate.

The Management By Facts seminar will open your eyes and ensure you can really control your environ and life – no more blind leading the blind.

The PR, Survey and Marketing seminar will ensure you can communicate your ideas effectively, therefore creating endless pull from your clients and with no effort.

The Always Be Caring Seminar will show you how to help people help themselves with your product and by that get you to a point where you can close any person on any idea.

The Financial Success course will put you at cause over energy generation, maintenance and expansion.

Megan Kiely oct 5 15, 07:39
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Meir Ezra Entreprenuer and investor

Meir is an international entrepreneur with multi-million dollar businesses and clients in the US, Canada, Israel, Italy, Colombia, Russia, India, China, Romania, the Dominican Republic, South Africa, Germany, the Czech Republic, Turkey and many others.

From his start as a former high-ranking submarine diver in the Israeli navy, to his creation of Timemaker, a software program that has revolutionized how thousands of businesses manage their communication, Meir’s passion is helping others. As part of this drive to make a difference in people’s lives, Meir has been involved in working with high level government officials on projects related to education and business development. He was also a regular guest on The Odetta Show (The Oprah of Israel) and would speak on topics ranging from business to parenting.

One of his most notable accomplishments includes establishing the most successful distributor of gasoline management systems, a company that within three years grew to $100,000,000. He has consulted companies such as BP (British Petroleum), Motorola, IBM and loves working with entrepreneurs and small business owners. His most recent company, Guaranteed Prosperity, is a training, coaching and implementation company that helps it’s clients succeed beyond their wildest dreams. Meir has shared the stage with dozens of top speakers from around the globe and is known as the “gurus” coach.

Meir is passionate about learning and attributes much of his success to teachings of Judaism, Buddaism, Christianity, L. Ron Hubbard, and many others. He shares this knowledge with his students. Active in many personal activities such as karate, motorcycling and kite surfing, Meir is very much a family man, deeply in love with his wife of over 25 years and three beautiful children.

Megan Kiely oct 23 15, 05:20
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What does Meir Ezra teach that is so valuable?


Meir taught me and many it is the data or the information that is what is important. Many time when we rely on the source we are misled because the data is false. A good example that many of us can relate to is the flow of slanted information from the main media channels. How many stories that are reported by mainstream media are totally refuted by the facts that you will find on niche journalist and social media sites.

I have been at all of his seminars, most of his two day events plus I have personally studied a number of supporting courses. Keep in mind I felt I was already quite experienced and knowledgeable in business. Follow The Above and You Cannot Fail! That is right! It is not what I say or what Meir Ezra says, it is what the data says.

I have invested close to 1000 hours of additional training since the first of this year. What are the results? Let’s looks at what others say. The feedback I get from our coaching quality control function is that the clients I work with are amazed and very happy with the focus, direction and progress of how Meir and I are leading them. How that different from my life “Pre-Meir”? The difference is I am not just confident I know what I do will result in success for the people I work with because it is not just me it is me, Meir and the entire team focused on the results for our clients.

So What Do You Use That Meir Teaches That Is So Valuable?

1. The org board and the principles of building an organization. Yes this is a different way of looking at a business and when viewed from this perspective you begin to see why organizations fail.

2. Everything is measurable that is being produced. Define the targets and the plan to achieve the target. Then define the mini plan targets, measure/graph the statistics showing the condition of the business and related actions.

3. Apply the success formula for the conditions.

Megan Kiely jul 18 15, 09:41
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