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Meir Ezra PR marketing and sales

After asking this very simple question to thousands of people, I KNOW that if you look at this question for real you will have to admit you are not sure.

The field of PR, Marketing and Sales has so many “experts” - yet most companies seem to have that as their major problem.
Nonetheless, it is clear that all too often something is not known in these fields. We remedy that.

This seminar will teach you:

• How to create a product that your clients will pay any amount of money to have.

• How to communicate your ideas effectively.

• How to create an endless pull from your clients with no effort.

• Why promotion fails.

• How much money you should spend on marketing.

• How to promote when you have no money.

• Why companies like Apple & Coke are so successful.

• How you can know in advance whether or not your marketing campaign will work.

• And countless other practical tools…

This seminar will change your concept of PR and Marketing forever. You will have a totally new viewpoint on the subject - but more importantly, you will know you can get results from marketing and you will not spend your money on useless marketing companies or marketing campaigns.

In fact, just the amount of marketing money this seminar saves you will pay for itself countless times over.

A major component of the seminar is the “Surveys” section. You will learn that most marketing problems stem from failure to CORRECTLY execute and evaluate surveys. It is not that people do not do surveys – they do - but they do not know HOW to do it correctly.

Ever filled out a survey for a place you go to often only to find, some time later, that there has been zero improvement in the area despite the many times you answered their survey? They simply don’t know how to survey – guaranteed.

If you want to succeed, you need to be able to create PR and Marketing – that is a fact.

If you want to know how to create PR and Marketing campaigns, or even get someone else to create them for you, you need to have this knowledge or you will waste time and money – and that is a fact.


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